With Underwater Photography and Diving Expeditions, children and families can experience a diving holiday together. Take a look at our diving options for children. We request that a family member or guardian participates in diving activities with children. If there are any non-diving members in the family, they may join in the experience by snorkeling.

Try Scuba

Children and families can enjoy diving together with the try scuba experience. Minimum age requirement is 8 years.  Participants age 8-9 years may participate in a swimming pool. Participants age 10 years and above may enjoy their dive in shallow open water and complete their dive from our expeditions boat. This is a highly supervised experience dive with a certified professional instructor. Get your diving memories on film by hiring one of our professional film crew to document your experience. Silver Package video services are available for this dive for an additional 2000B.

Course duration: 1 dive - Prerequisite: medically fit to dive - Minimum age: 8 years - Price: 3,500B - Additional Dives: 2,000B

SSI Jr Open Water

Children can become a certified diver starting at the age of 10 years. The Jr open water diver license is a universal certification that never expires. Jr divers age 10-11 years may dive up to a maximum depth of 12 meters with a certified guardian. Jr divers age 13-15 years may dive up to a maximum depth of 18 meters with a certified guardian. We recommend that a parent or guardian completes the course with the Jr diver. The course includes academic sessions, confined pool/shallow water training sessions, 4 dives, and a final exam. Students have the enjoyment of learning at their own pace. Academics can be completed through free online study as well as self study in the comforts of their resort or beach chair. The course includes an edited souvenir video of the final qualification dives to take home on DVD. Our videos are filmed by our professional underwater film staff. 

Course duration: 4-5 Days - Prerequisite: medically fit to dive - Minimum age: 10 years - Price 15,000B - May-July Special 13,500B

SSI Jr Advanced Adventurer

The Jr Advance Open Water is a 5 dive course that expands diving knowledge and experiences. Each dive is a sample of different diver specialties such as night diving, deep diving, wreck diving, and photography. Each advance course is tailor made for the student. Divers  will get to pick and choose their dives with their instructor. What you would like to experience as a diver?  This course certifies divers ages 12-14 to maximum depth of 21 meters.

Course duration: 2-3 days - Prerequisite: certified Jr open water diver and medically fit to dive - Minimum age: 12 years - Price:  13,500B


Underwater Photography Adventure Dive:

Prerequisite: certified Jr open water diver and medically fit to dive - Minimum age: 12 years - Course duration: 1 dive - Price: 3500B

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